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There are hundreds of kitchen companies out there offering over priced kitchens. After all, what is a kitchen, itís a few pieces of wood, some cabinets, a sink, a tap, an appliance or two and if you go all out - some granite worktops. We know this and you know this. At Affordable Cheap Kitchens we cut out the middleman, do away with flashy showrooms and stock our products nice and high so we get the best discounts in the industry.

The name Affordable Cheap Kitchens does not mean that our kitchens are of an inferior quality, we are cheap because we buy in bulk to save you, the customer, hundreds of pounds. We buy our kitchens at around 50% less than other kitchen suppliers and we can still afford to offer our nationwide design service. Or we can supply a kitchen to your measurements, whichever is best for you.

We all need to save our pennies these days and at Affordable Cheap Kitchens we believe in providing true value for money.

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Complete Kitchens

A complete kitchen consists of a combination of various cabinets and kitchen units. The complete kitchen is basically designed keeping in mind the standard size of dinnerware and cutlery as well as other kitchen equipment such as microwaves, cooking ranges, ovens, juicers, grinders, etc.

The complete kitchen or modular kitchen is a relatively new concept. These types of kitchens were developed for easy installation and dismantling in case the residents are moving into a new house. Some complete kitchen packages may also include dinnerware and cutlery.

Complete kitchens are our specialty and we can guarantee that no other kitchen company in the UK can beat our kitchen range and their prices. Show us any written quote for any complete kitchen and we will beat that complete kitchen quote by a minimum of 30%, guaranteed!